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Jacob I Zuber, CPA, PC

Jacob "Izzy" Zuber, CPA graduated from Boston University with a BSBA in 1974 and an MBA in 1975.  After a couple of "start-up" positions for Boston CPAs, he joined the firm of Richan, Dubinsky and Company, then located in Wakefiled, MA, in June, 1977.  Upon successfully completing the CPA Exam in 1978, he became a junior partner in the newly named Richan, Dubinsky and Zuber.  The firm had several changes and moves over the years - Dubinsky, Zuber and Company of Lynn, MA;  Zuber, Bonardi and Company of Brookline, MA;  Zuber and Freedman of Brookline and Brighton, MA;  before culminating in the current Jacob I Zuber, CPA, PC.  After almost 21 years at our Chestnut Hill Ave location, we moved to the 1894 Beacon St #2, Brookline, MA 02445 address.  You will find more details about that elsewhere on this site. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with many happy returns (if you are not groaning at that, you are not paying attention).

The staff is Qing "Edith" Wan, who came here from China several years ago.  A graduate of Yangzhou University, she received her Masters degree in Accounting from Suffolk University.  Edith performs a multitude of tasks for me, both administrative and in the accounting functions for clients.  In 2012, she completed passing the CPA exam with higher scores than I ever got, so I am insanely jealous.  All issues in the office will now run through her so you better be nice to her.  Edith and her CPA husband are expecting a new arrival in late May or early June.  We expect the baby to be born holding a calculator in his hands.  Edith is bringing her laptop to the delivery room so she can handle any of your requests as long as she can get wireless internet there.  If not, I will be covering for her until she gets back which better be soon because I no longer remember how to do the stuff she does. Most importantly, lets all hope for an easy and safe delivery and a healthy child.